Fenerbahçe Jersey launch campaign

Fenerbahçe wanted to make a fresh start to the season with their new jerseys. PUMA was aware that its communication also had to be unique in a way that would make Fenerbahçe fans happy. We had to break the sales record with an anthem to be sung at home games. Although everyone’s motivation to buy jerseys is different, we discovered that the common feeling behind this motivation is the “crazy love” for the team. Based on this insight, we made our campaign motto #DeliceSev (#LoveCrazy)

We rearranged the popular 90s song Yeniden Sev and turned it into a true stadium anthem. On World Fenerbahçe Day, we introduced our jerseys with a magnificent launch at Ülker Sports Arena. Famous figures attending the launch shared our event and our song.

Our launch film was simultaneously broadcasted live on PUMA and Fenerbahçe accounts with Instagram’s “Collabs” feature.

On social media, our film was organically shared by thousands of people with the hashtag #DeliceSev, reaching millions of people.

Fenerium achieved the “highest jersey sale in history in one day” on the launch day.

Most importantly, thousands of fans sang our song in the first match of the season in Kadıköy.