Game Pass 29.99 digital campaign

Keeping the price of XBox Game Pass at 29.99 TL for years during soaring inflation was the greatest gift to gamers. Gamers took notice and the conversation around our affordability grew. Through social listening, we identified different target audiences and created insightful content underlining the incredible value of XBox Game Pass. Gaming late night? “More than 100 games for the price of that late night pizza you’ll regret in the morning!” Big fan of instant delivery services? “More than 100 games for the minimum delivery price of your shopping list!” The assets and the insights just kept coming and the community responded positively. 

That’s when we took things to the next level and offered everyone a Ferrari experience for 29.99 TL in our special physical activation promoting Forza 5 and XBox Game Pass. Gamers loved our campaign so much that we saw an increase of over 40% in PC Game Pass subscription numbers.